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I have helped THOUSANDS of trainees worldwide lose body fat, get in shape for the holidays and even compete on stage!

These are MY proven techniques and plans used by yours truly to get people STAGE READY.
Maybe you are looking to cut some serious bodyfat from your physique, after already seeing some gains in the gym. Most of us hit a plateau at some point with our training and with correct PERIODISATION and sufficient determination we should be able to keep making progress for years!

This plan will show you how to lose fat without going CV crazy and without some of the boring bodybuilder style training that everybody else does!

- 24 Pages of Fat Loss gold

- Guide to HIIT training (THE Cardio system to torch fat!)

- 12 weeks of training ( 2 x detailed 6 week phases)

- Youtube links to exercises

- Additional 12 Weeks of GBC workout!

- 4 x "Done For You" Fat Loss Diet Plans

Following that you will see 2 x separate protocols for Fat Loss, Phase 1 lasting for 6 weeks, and Phase 2 also lasting for 6 weeks. At the back of the booklet is your K.I.S.S (keep it simple) Diet plan which you will easily be able to tailor for your own bodyweight!

I charge over $100 for 1 hour of my Coaching time, so take advantage of years of my experience with this book.

Happy lifting!