5 WAYS TO STAY MOTIVATED – James Alexander-Ellis Fitness


Almost everyone who starts a workout or fitness program does so for a reason, right? Motivation levels are generally high for the first weeks of your program, but can drop off after that. Whether your aim is to lose some weight, build some muscles to impress the other sex, or improve your performance for competition, results take time. Next time you lack motivation or feel like your workouts are pointless, try some of these methods to keep your enjoyment levels high.


Find a Gym Buddy – Yes I know this is an old classic, but it works! When you have someone relying on you to attend a session, you are less likely to make weak excuses to yourself about why you can’t train. Experience will show that for most people, a gym session is more enjoyable when you share it with someone.

Vary Your Workout – One of the biggest causes of lost motivation is boredom. Very few people can complete the same session day after day without losing motivation. Working out is like any other activity – if it is too repetitive it can become a drag. Vary your workouts to keep them interesting, just like you vary your social life.

Set Goals – If you are aiming for a specific end point, then goal-setting is one of the best ways to get there. It is important to understand the difference between long and short term goals before creating them. A short term goal will be reached within a short time frame – ideally not more than a few weeks. Long term goals look at periods like six months or a year, and can represent a major achievement. Write your goals down with a clearly defined time frame and end result.

Hire a Personal Trainer – If you find yourself in the pub more often than the gym, or if you struggle to wake up for that 6am run, then maybe you need to enlist the services of a personal trainer. As a fitness professional, a personal trainer can develop a training program which is specific and enjoyable to your personality, and which will deliver results.

Music – Next time you’re feeling a bit bored while lifting weights, put on a playlist of your favourite energetic tunes. It is amazing how enjoyable a workout can be with some decent music in the background.

There you have it. Five great ways to stop the monster that is boredom and demotivation to ensure that you receive the full benefits of all those hours in the gym.