TOP 3 TIPS FOR CHEST GAINZ! – James Alexander-Ellis Fitness

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JAE Top 3 Tips for : Chest Training:

1: Start with INCLINE work, as a majority of trainees lack development/thickness in the upper portion of the chest. Incline Dumbbell Press at around 30-40degrees has yielded some of the best results for myself and my clients. You are fresher at the start of your workout, so your CNS can control heavier loads - take advantage of this time and focus the work where you need the ‪#‎gains‬

2: Don't go more than 2 weeks without using a Time Under Tension protocol, where hypertrophy is encouraged via sets varying from 40-60s of TUT. For example an 8 rep max with a 4110 tempo would get you a 6 second set, giving 48 secs of TUT.
So basically, don't rely on just throwing the weights around and lifting like a ‪#‎GymBro‬ for long. Only genetic freaks will get development long term from this lazy approach.

3: Isolate your chest carefully.
DO utilise isolation movements such as DB Flyes, Cable Flyes.
DO NOT overuse them, of you will become "that guy" on the cable station all day, with the tiny chest.
Find a balance: i would suggest PRESSING movements (compound, multi-joint) might take up 60-70% of your chest workout. The remainder could be ISOLATION. The more advanced you get the more you can spend time exploring isolation work to break through plateaus.

Any questions?