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Mass Gain! The basic Principles....

I'm always asked about how to "build muscle"...... here are some basics:

1: Always apply the principle of "Progressive Overload"

One of the basics of weight training first developed or at least trademarked by Joe Weider. A fundamental principle, without application you will make no gains long term.
Muscle must be gradually given more and more stress and load over a given time period. The basic concept is that with 3 sets of 10 with 50kg, the trainee would increase the load (kg) once they have successfully complete the prescribed sets and reps with that weight. So the following week / workout for that bodypart uses 52.5kg etc. If the weight was not increased then at least the reps should be increased to provide a progressive overload.

2: Periodise your training.

Don't do the same thing all year long, and more specifically: Structure your weeks so that you vary loading parameters in micro or macro cycles. EG: 2 weeks of strength work with greater loads, then 4 weeks of volume work with smaller loads but slower tempos etc. Plan your entire year or "season" carefully to ensure a variety of stimulus. Poliquin is the master of this so Google his stuff!

3: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

Building muscle can be easy for the beginner trainee. Lift hard, eat and grow. After a while your body will resist. Guess what? We aren't supposed to look hench and shredded. Sorry it's just not a comfortable and natural state for the human body. You FORCE growth by pushing yourself to the limit. Some of you (and countless clients I have trained) THINK you train hard.

You think you can take that burning sensation, the desire to stop, but truth is...... You can't. Not enough in some cases to get to muscular failure and beyond. Eventually you HAVE to train in and beyond muscular failure consistently. It's not a nice feeling. It's a careful balance of pain and pleasure that you need to learn to deal with. If you can't then you will have to accept average gains. ‪#‎Sorry‬